GPMGGeneral Purpose Machine Gun
GPMGGlobal Prosperity Marketing Group
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Army began a search for a GPMG and Springfield Arsenal assembled a number of prototypes.
Got me and Corporal Green up on the GPMGs and he had his sniper rifle and we were just laying down rounds, pinning down the enemy and I actually seen one of them peeling up a bund line and I brought my weapon system up and I just fired.
Under attack on three sides by 15 to 30 Taliban, he kept moving, emptying all six mags from his SA80, launching 17 grenades and firing 250 GPMG rounds.
Guardsman Paul Steane said he saw an Afghan national wearing a blue dishdash, a traditional Arab robe, fall to the ground having been shot by a guardsman who was armed with a GPMG machine gun.
The hearing heard that the bullet that killed Rifleman Apolis was a Nato-issue British-made 7.62mm round used in General Purpose Machine Guns (GPMG) - giving rise to the possibility it was a friendly fire incident.
When two of his soldiers became stuck with a quad bike in a wadi (dry river bed), he turned back, running about 75 metres with bullets flying around him, and picking up a grenade propelled machine gun (GPMG) to return fire.
The action is a unique delayed-blowback design, which was first used on the successful Model 52 French GPMG. Unlike piston-operated rifles like the AK-47 or direct-impingement systems like the AR, die FAMAS uses the rearward force from the cartridge case to push back on the bolt.
Seeking to maintain ammunition commonality within the infantry section or squad, most armies also decided to acquire a magazine-fed light support weapon (LSW) or belt-fed LMG to replace 7.62 mm LSWs or belt-fed general-purpose machine guns (GPMG) such as the FN Herstal Mag 58, Saco Defense M60 and Rheinmetall MG3.The general-purpose machine gun was a compromise weapon that was intended to be light enough to be carried by a single infantryman m the assault and heavy enough to be used in the sustained-fire role mounted on a tripod.
In the late 1970s and 1980s CCF cadets could become proficient in the use of infantry weapons ranging from the Browning 9mm pistol to the General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) whilst gaining an insight into their power and effectiveness.
Effectively the American field forces carried the AR15, and later the M203 40 mm grenade launcher, but retained the M60 GPMG for fire support within the Squad.
'There were tanks blatting at them, gympies (GPMG - machine guns) blatting at them, there were about 50 blokes firing away.
A full-size service pistol, its roller lock-up is very similar to the German MG42 GPMG. From 1952 until production ceased in 1954, approximately 200,000 of these pistols were manufactured.