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GPMUGraphical Paper and Media Union
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GPMU is mandated to ensure that Government Investments are managed to achieve strategic objectives and provide a reasonable return from financial, governance and socio-economic outlook while complying with the legal obligations.
'Working together across Britain's key industrial sectors the GPMU and Amicus will make a real difference for working people and is a great advert for joining a trade union to get a better deal at work.'
Mike Griffith, national officer of the GPMU union, said: "We are now seeing the long term plans of the Reed family who have amassed a fortune over the many years they have provided employment in the North-East.
The situation has angered the GPMU which represents workers at the Gateshead plant and the union organised the ballot.
Print union GPMU branch officer Paul Finegan added: ``WeIndustry Reporter are very pleased with the way the negotiations have been managed.
And Mike Griffiths, of the GPMU, called for a cut in interest rates, saying: "When manufacturing jobs go, they don't come back."
According to Kathy Brooks -industrial officer of the Birmingham branch of the GPMU -they work unusually long hours, with some clocking up six 12 hour shifts in a week.
Union leaders Roger Lyons, of the white-collar MSF, and Tony Dubbins, of the GPMU print union, addressed them.
Founded almost a year ago by local businesses, industry sector bodies such as the GPMU and BPIF, the Learning & Skills Council and Matthew Boulton College, the aim of Print.IT has been to help local printing and graphic design businesses gain access to consultancy and grant aid and to provide general ongoing support and business advice.
The motion was moved by Jimmy Friel of the media union GPMU.
The three striking employees are the lowest paid GPMU staff in the country, their own union, the GMB, reported.
Chris Harding, of the print union GPMU, said good employers were happy to work with trade unions.