GPNFGifford Pinchot National Forest (Washington)
GPNFGeneral Purpose Naval Force
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During the year following attendance at a GSI, GPNF team members initiated follow-up contacts.
Evaluation Strategies A variety of evaluation strategies were used to measure the effectiveness with which these educational and support approaches addressed the specific aims of the GPNF. A pretest/posttest was developed to measure change in participants' knowledge about genetics.
A GPNF team member completed the interview guide during each telephone follow-up.
Results from the measured outcomes--change in knowledge and change in curriculum content--indicated that the GPNF succeeded in accomplishing its specific aims.
The GPNF, like the previously reported Genetic Resource Nurse program (22), used an instructional model that employed an onsite, face-to-face educational offering with preplanned follow-up and continuing education strategies.