GPSCHGreater Philadelphia Society of Clinical Hypnosis (Pennsylvania; est. 1959)
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pig spinal cord Caffeine (10-30 m-kg) decreases the homogenates incidence of EAE and attenuates EAE (GPSCH model) pathology at behavioral, histological (inflammatory cell infiltration and demyelination), and neurochemical (expression of inflammatory cytokines) levels.
EAE was induced in the rats for C16 treatment and the vehicle control groups by subcutaneously injection of 0.2 mL 1: 1 mixture of guinea pig spinal cord homogenate (GPSCH) and complete Freud adjuvant (CFA), containing 0.5 mg of heat killed mycobacterium tuberculosis (Difco Laboratories, Detroit, MI).
The first dose was given immediately after receiving EAE induction (following the GPSCH injection and Pertussis toxin injection); thereafter, the solutions were injected intravenously each day for a period of two weeks.