GPSMGypsum (lithological term)
GPSMGeneralized Probabilistic Semantic Model (language processing)
GPSMGlobal Product Supply Management Pty. Ltd. (Rockdale, New South Wales, Australia)
GPSMGeneral Practitioners Surgery Management
GPSMGramercy Park Sports Medicine (New York, NY)
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The northwestern and youngest Geotectonic Province of Santa Marta (GPSM) comprises an inner sub-belt of Cretaceous imbricated metamorphic rocks (greenschists and amphibolites) and an outer sub-belt of Mesozoic amphibolites, greenschists and phyllites separated by the lower to middle Cenozoic Santa Marta Batholith (Doolan, 1970; MacDonald, et al., 1971).
Nesse contexto, somente em dezembro de 1998 o municipio do Rio foi habilitado em Gestao Plena do Sistema Municipal (GPSM), apos um longo periodo de conflitos com a Secretaria de Estado de Saude (28), que nao queria abrir mao da gestao dos recursos financeiros federais transferidos para custeio da assistencia.
Lorsque la GPSM a ouvert ses portes, en 1987, elle a admis 24 etudiants.
When the GPSM opened its doors in 1987, it admitted 24 students.
The Kattan nomograms were best at discriminating, whereas the GPSM score was best at calibration.
Ja em relacao a condicao de gestao, 187 (73,9) dos municipios sao habilitados como GPABA e 66 (26,1%) como GPSM. Identifica-se tambem maior proporcao de salas criticas nos municipios habilitados como GPABA.
Sinteticamente, o relatorio de 2004 referia que 80% dos tecnicos dos ERS receberam capacitacao em acoes de media e alta complexidade, e 30% dos tecnicos dos municipios em GPSM. Dos nove municipios em gestao plena, nesse ano, apenas dois, Cuiaba e Rondonopolis, assumiram a responsabilidade pelas acoes de media e algumas de alta complexidade.
This spunlace line can produce 5000 tons per year with a fabric weight ranging from 30 to 100 gpsm. The line will be in operation in the third quarter of 2009.
This machine's performance is characterized by the possibility of processing any type of material, both fibrous and non-fibrous, thus guaranteeing a perfectly even density when manufacturing low weight final products (down to 150 gpsm).
The second absorbent layer has a basis weight of from about 100-700 gpsm, which has been airlaid as a bottom layer of pulp.
The 260 gpsm filter media for industrial air filtration increases the stiffness, stability and filter efficiency significantly.
Patented is a bonded structure comprising a first substrate, a second substrate and an adhesive composition bonding the first substrate and the second substrate to one another at an add-on level between about 10 and about 15 gpsm. The adhesive composition comprises an amorphous polyalpha-olefin and a tackifier selected from at least one of the group consisting of: petroleum distillates, rosin, rosin esters, and polyterpenes.