GPSRGreedy Perimeter Stateless Routing (wireless networking protocol)
GPSRGlobal Positioning System Receiver
GPSRGlobal Positioning Satellite Receiver
GPSRGross Private Savings Rate
GPSRGreat Plains Systems Research Unit (USDA; now Agricultural Systems Research Unit)
GPSRGPS (Global Positioning System) Retransmission System (US Air Force)
GPSRGlobal Product and Services Registry
GPSRGeneral Purpose Switch Room
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) else ( flg = 1; [v.sub.i], executes the GPSR algorithm ( Find next hop node [v.sub.k]; Send an ASK message to [v.sub.k]; [v.sub.k] and each successive next hop node execute the GPSR algorithm until the ASK message reaches the location [L.sub.j] ; ) [v.sub.i] sets a timer; Wait for the REPLY message; )//end if )//end for if (flg=0 [parallel] [v.sub.i] has received all the REPLY messages when the timers expire) return 0; // The verification succeeds.
The data forwarding by the GPSR protocol can be made by two ways: greedy forwarding and perimeter forwarding.
Error Algorithm [delta]/V [DELTA]/% OMP 2.7320 0.13 MP 35.1390 2.75 BP 27.4349 1.66 GPSR 52.4268 5.82
As a repair strategy at local maxima, GPCR also uses perimeter routing strategy as in GPSR. The assumption of always finding a node at junctions makes the protocol impractical at some point of time.
When combined with the GPSR series repeaters, the entire system can be increased to support up to 32 total RF outputs from one GPS signal source.
The proposed FAGOR protocol is benchmarked against other three routing protocols: (1) DWSIGF, (2) GPSR, and (3) QGOR (a QoS-aware GOR which provides routing service based on the end-to-end QoS metric [22]).
For the adaptive reconstruction scheme, (21) is solved by using GPSR algorithm [17], and the transformation matrix [PSI] uses Daubechies orthogonal wavelet of 4 in length.
[l.sub.1]- magic algorithm in [11], the gradient projection for sparse reconstruction algorithm (GPSR) in [8], and their variants also belong to the convex relaxation categories.