GPSyGlobal Positioning System (Macintosh)
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Thus in order to observe the real mucoadhesive potential of the formulation GTPSY and GPSY were comparatively evaluated for their mucoadhesive potential using fresh chicken buccal mucosal membrane.
Figure 5 displays the in vitro release profile of metronidazole from GPSY, GTPSY, and commercial metronidazole gel formulation (Metrogyl).
Further, the value of "n" the release exponent of Korsmeyer and Peppas equation, indicates that the release of metronidazole from GPSY and GTPSY (n > 0.5) occurs by combination of polymer relaxation and diffusion through the polymeric matrix while the release from commercial formulation occurs by diffusion through the matrix [12].
Weights range from 15 to 150 gpsy with widths up to 70 inches.
Each layer has a weight of 5-100 gpsy. The stack is sonically and thermally spot laminated under pressure by passage between the nip of a spot patterned heater roller and an ultrasonic generator to adhere the layers together.
Tarboro, NC 27886-1825 Telephone: 919-823-6126 Fax: 919-823-2164 VP-Marketing & Sales: Denny Dostal Location Of Plant: Tarboro, NC Manufacturing processes: Needlepunched, Stitched, Dyed, Resinated Fibers: Polyester and Blends Weight: Up to 20 opsy (560 gpsy).