GPUSAGreen Party of the United States
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GPUSA sharply criticized our own government, the German Greens and the German government.
In 2001 when a national leader of GPUSA was prevented from boarding a plane to attend a national Green Party meeting, the party issued a call for solidarity and support from activists including all Greens.
Mostly, though, they want to slam GPUSA as a mere splinter group (does the group that split, even if bigger, get to call the other a splinter?), a disgruntled faction of malcontents.
Since those press reports originated in this building, and especially since they were not in the least bit erroneous (Oden is precisely identified as a GPUSA member in both the story and the photo caption; GPUS is nowhere even mentioned), I ask Allen and Scott McLarty, GPUS' media coordinator in DC, why they would play the "that darn press" card.
On November 3, 2001, the Green Party (GPUSA) sent out a media alert that Coordinating Committee member Nancy Oden had been prevented from boarding a plane to a Green National Council meeting.
When the ASGP refused to negotiate unity seriously, several GPUSA members decided to support the "Boston Proposal," which would dismantle the GPUSA and create a Green Party modeled after the Democrats and Republicans.
Mitchel Cohen, a representative from New York to the Green National Committee of GPUSA, argues that "should German troops be sent to Afghanistan, it would be the first time since the Hitler era that they are used beyond Europe.
The local activists, found mostly in the Greens/Green Party USA (GPUSA), tend to see those more focused on electoral efforts as having lost touch with the basic Green values of community and consensus-building.
I urge anyone who has read this far to let their fellow Greens know that (a) the GPUSA means it when they say they want to negotiate (b) the unity ball is in the ASGP's court and (c), in the words of Joseph Mosley (New Jersey delegate, ASGP diversity committee chair, and supporter of both BP and renegotiations) "I found out that Don Fitz doesn't have horns on his head!"
One thing i disagreed with is that members on waivers were not counted (for the first Time in GPUSA history) as part of the delegation to be represented.
If some of the GPUSA members choose to disaffiliate with the GPUSA and work with the ASGP it is their choice.
The need to develop new, more democratic and socially responsible means of operating our economy is one of the reasons why it is imperative that the Green Party (be it GPUSA, the new proposed GP-US or any other manifestation) be a movement-based party.