GPWAGambling Portal Webmaster Association
GPWAGlobal Professional Wrestling Alliance (est. 2006)
GPWAGrain Pool of Western Australia
GPWAGroup Project Work Authorization
GPWAGeorgetown Pop Warner Association (sports; Texas)
GPWAGeneralized Plane-Wave Approach
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Note that a further generalization of the GPWA operator is possible using quasi-arithmetic means.
The GPWA operator is generalized using the function g(b).
When [lambda] = 1, the GPWA operator becomes the PWA operator.
When [lambda] = 0, the GPWA operator becomes the probabilistic weighted geometric averaging (PWGA) operator.
Decision-Making in Latin America using the GPWA Operator
The GPWA operator may be applied to many problems in decision-making, statistics, engineering and economics.
The next section presents a Latin American multi-person decision making problem using the GPWA operator.
With this information, it is possible to develop different methods based on the GPWA operator for selecting an investment strategy.
As the table shows, depending on the particular type of GPWA operator used, the optimal choice is different.
As the table shows each particular type of GPWA operator may lead to a different result and thus the decisions may be different.