GPWSGround Proximity Warning System
GPWSGuide Performance Work Statement
GPWSGeneral Purpose Workstation
GPWSGales Point Wildlife Sanctuary (Belize)
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For his insight, creativity, and farsightedness in fostering the introduction of both Ground Proximity Warning Systems and Enhanced GPWS, which dramatically reduced the number of Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) accidents--resulting in immeasurable reduction of fatalities and saving countless lives.
The current GPWS system uses radar to determine aircraft altitude.
The sounds of the computerised voice from the GPWS and the male voice were heard on the cockpit voice recorder which had been analysed by American experts.
A study conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), an independent government agency that investigates accidents on highways, on railroads, and in the air, found that after the GPWS systems were put into larger planes, "controlled flight into terrain" accidents (as they are dryly called) dropped by 75 percent.
The CAS team supports fixed and rotary-wing platforms and is responsible for developing, integrating, installing and providing life-cycle support of GPWS and TAWS capability.
The current GPWS, developed in the early 1970s, uses radio waves to monitor the ground directly beneath an airplane and is unable to detect obstructions ahead.
Do a similar exercise for an MDA about 1000 feet above the airport at -40 degrees C and you'll see why an airliner got a GPWS alert at Kelowna, B.
If you get GPWS and TAWS warnings, know your procedures and act.
of -400 flight time, approached the runway at 408 kph--approximately 65% faster than normal--despite at least 15 alerts from the GPWS and advice from the copilot, Kurniadi said.