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GPWWGroup Practice Without Walls (private practice physicians who aggregate their practices into a single legal entity)
GPWWGilles Peterson Worldwide (radio show)
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Other than common elements of a single fee schedule, flow of at least 75 percent of business through the group, a standard fringe benefits plan, central payables and payroll system, and risk sharing on managed care, physicians in a GPWW may operate their practices quite autonomously.
The employer/employee relationship of the GPWW provides very powerful advantages of this model over the other models in figure 1.
Four Alliances (1993-95): IPA, PRO, MSO, Foundation; Two Loose Alliances (1993-95): IPA, PHO; Two Tight Alliances (1993-95): MSO, Foundation; Five Tight Alliances (1994-95): MSO, Foundation, GPWW, Equity, ISM.
In Table 6, hospitals are treated as if they did not participate in ISMs, equity models, and GPWWs in 1993.