GPX4Phospholipid Hydroperoxide Glutathione Peroxidase
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GPX4 is a component of the glutathione redox system that protects cells against oxidative damage induced by arsenic (Chouchane and Snow 2001; Lee and Ho 1994).
The analysis of the main antioxidant enzymes (Figure 6(c)) revealed an induction of [gamma]-GCS and GPX4 in Chow fed animals at days two and three, an effect that was not observed in HC animals; even more, GPX4 decreased in HC fed animals in time-dependent manner.
In line with previous findings linking cholesterol accumulation in the liver with mitochondria-mediated ROS generation and impairment in antioxidant defense, we observed the downregulation of GPX4 and SOD2, two of the main mitochondrial protective enzymes [17, 33] in HC fed mice after BDL.