GPYWGeneral Presidency of Youth Welfare (Saudi Arabia)
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It is very weird that the GPYW doesn't meet the Civil Defense and the FIFA safety measures.
GPYW should prioritize these overweight kids for them to be able to join in any sports they like.
Meanwhile, a GPYW source said the government department is to establish five women sports centers by 2011 in the Kingdom's main cities.
Umm Sameera also supports the establishment of sports centers for women under the GPYW.
Prince Sultan's deputy at GPYW, Prince Nawaf, a member of the IOC (International Olympic Committee) since 2002, president of the Saudi Arabian Football Federation and executive vice president of the Union of Arab Football Associations, said that "this is an occasion to prepare for ourselves in order to grab our share in the games.
The GPYW said in a press statement Olaroiu also attacked security guards and refused to go up to the podium to receive the trophy.