GQAGeneral Quality Assessment (water quality)
GQAGovernment Quality Assurance
GQAGlass Qualifications Authority (Sheffield, England, UK)
GQAGaslamp Quarter Association (San Diego, CA)
GQAGraded Quality Assurance
GQAGlobal Quality Alliance (Manassa, CO)
GQAGroupe des Questions Atomiques (French: Atomic Questions Group; EU)
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It is observed from equation (24) that the error rate performance is related to the channel power fading gain of the CCI, whereas the error rate performance is not correlated with variation of the CCI if using the GQA approach.
Compared with the error rate performance evaluated from the commonly used GQA method which is only dependent on the expected signal, the derived error rate expressions shown in equations (24), (27), (31), and (32) are also related to the power distribution of the CCI.
Compared with the Monte Carlo simulation results, we can conclude that the commonly used GQA approach cannot precisely predict the system performance.
The GQA award process uses the Baldrige Excellence Framework criteria, a set of questions that guide how to run any organization, no matter its sector or size.
PathRedirect: A path redirect message to be used by HA to redirect CN informing it to send the reservation request to GQA. This message is used when any MN changes its location to a foreign network after starting a session within its home location.
PreReservationNotify: Used by border GQA, RQA and MQA to inform neighboring ARs to make prereservation [5].
With this multiple processing capability, the GQA, available commercially through Servomex, Norwood, Mass., can simultaneously analyze as many as 50 compounds in under 5 min - up to three times the number of other instruments.
The Xenith 9000 GQA is designed to analyze most of the possible volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants at emissions points in industries that emit solvents and other gas components through venting systems.
The heart of the Xenith 9000 GQA consists of up to eight micro gas chromatography systems that allow parallel processing of several selectable process streams.
Some 30 members of staff at Novaglaze Gardner & Newton Ltd were presented with certificates by Tom Steel, external verifier for awards body GQA, and Brian Lee, of Barnsley College, who assessed the employees.
Other staff members are now working towards gaining the GQA NVQ level 3 qualifications - again with Barnsley College.