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GQLGeneralized Query Language
GQLGraphical Query Language
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05) no significant differences between the periods for three of the measures, namely GQL, GAF Function, and GAF Symptom, whereas significant effects existed for ConSat.
First the desired geographical area needs to be selected by introducing a GQL expression (see subsection 4.
Lee Watson, projects manager for GQL Ltd, said Prague would bring something new to the city: "This kind of bar and restaurant is missing in Coventry and we believe this type of continental establishment will be extremely popular.
Model 4 is a reestimate of model 3 using GQL estimation, the only brewery model for which this estimator would converge.
Andyne's Integrated DSS system consists of GQL, a family of query and reporting software applications for accessing and managing relational data sources, and PaBLO, a powerful end-user data-access, analysis, and reporting tool for working with multidimensional summary information.
Available immediately, Andyne's GQL for Windows (French), offers significant feature enhancements, including charting extensions and cross-tab extensions.
Working as an extension to Andyne's GQL graphical query and reporting tool, QMO allows IS administrators to manage the queue of user queries, thus providing extended control over the demand placed on enterprise database systems.
ANDYNE GQL is a decision support application for accessing transactionlevel data on relational data sources.
26, 1995--ANGOSS Software and ANDYNE announced today that links have been completed between ANGOSS KnowledgeSEEKER and ANDYNE GQL and that the two companies will cooperate in joint marketing efforts.
Users familiar with SQL technology can take advantage of the open architecture using a variety of popular desktop applications that support SQL database access such as Microsoft Excel, BrioQuery, GQL, AppleScript, HyperCard and DataPrism.
today announced that Andyne GQL has been certified by STG.
A highlight of the second quarter, certainly, was the shipping of a major new product, PaBLO for Windows, on schedule," Thompson continued, "which in combination with recently announced enhancements to our mainstay product, Andyne GQL, ensures Andyne not only has the best query and reporting tool in the market today -- Andyne GQL -- but now also the most powerful decision-support software tool for multidimensional analysis -- Andyne PaBLO.