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GQMGoal, Question, Metric (Software Metrics, A Rigorous Approach By Fenton, Norman E., Chapman Hall, London, 1994)
GQMGolden Queen Mining Co. Ltd. (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
GQMGreat Quest Metals
GQMGlobal Quality Management
GQMGain Quotidien Moyen (French: Average Daily Gain)
GQMGroundwater Quality Monitoring
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He said the GQM would rename the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as 'Sarhad' if given the chance to power.
Este articulo esta estructurado de la siguiente forma: En la seccion 2 se presenta la propuesta de implementacion de la mejora de procesos que integra la aplicacion de GQM y la extraccion del conocimiento tacito, en la seccion 3 se presenta el caso de estudio de la aplicacion de la propuesta de mejora de procesos y la seccion 4 muestra las conclusiones y trabajos futuros.
According to the GQM method the main goals were suggested.
The GQM approach is used for a structured and derivation of the security metrics.
Para definir claramente el objetivo que se quiere alcanzar con las medidas propuestas se ha utilizado el metodo GQM (ver tabla 2).
Because developing your measurement culture and infrastructure will take time, use GQM to first select a basic set of initial metrics.
The GQM chief said that lawmakers were ignorant of public grievances and they had lost the confidence to represent masses in the parliament.
Addressing a party meeting at Khadagzai the GQM chief demanded of the government to declare Malakand division as another province and announce special package for its people who suffered hard due to militancy, floods and earthquakes.
The GQM approach was proposed by BASILI in the first half of the 90's and has been used to provide metrics in accordance with the information needs related to the products, processes and resources used, establishing the basis for comparisons with future work (Basili & Rombach, 1994).
The GQM chief said that his party had been registered with the election commission of Pakistan and that it would field its candidates in different parts of the country especially Malakand and Hazara divisions.
The GQM chief said that all districts of Malakand were badly affected by recent tremor as several people were died, hundreds were injured and more than one thousand houses were damaged.