GQSGray Quality System (US DoD quality management)
GQSGlobal Quality Services, Inc. (various locations)
GQSGlidepath Qualification Surface (aviation)
GQSGuaranteed Quality Service (shipping)
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The GQS is another critical component of CMS Global's efforts to promote the US-Sino Online Higher Education (USOHE) Consortium.
The GQS will include high level representatives from global top 100 schools including, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China), National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan), Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong), and Shenzhen University (China).
To carry out the development of the GQS a mixed-signal microcontroller called Programmable System on Chip (PSoC) 3.
The proposed GQS device uses an SD memory for storage IR spectra storage before and after processing.
After performing this procedure the data is stored in the SD memory due to the amount of data, making impossible to save this data in the cache memory, and then it could be used or be extracted from the GQS if it is necessary in other procedure or be used by a different device.
This test also serves to know the time expended by the GQS to store or remove a data in the SD Card memory.
This test consists in performing comparisons between the result signal obtained by the GQS and the result using the sgolayfilt() instruction from Matlab[R] (See Fig.
Given the importance of planning for and ensuring medical stability at discharge, GQS for these dimensions of patient care may be used as minimal criteria for hospital quality of care, regardless of case mix.
Hospital-specific GQS confirmed failure rates are calculated from data elements extracted from computerized Massachusetts PRO (MassPRO) "review abstracts" of patients discharged between April 1, 1989 and September 30, 1990.
See Table 1 for a breakdown of confirmed screen failures by GQS code.
Despite the presence of a variety of control variables in TABULAR DATA OMITTED the first WLS regression model, only investment in PPE, summed over 1984-1989 and divided by average bed size, is correlated with the variation in the quality score, GQS confirmed failure rate for screens #1100 through #2600 (p = .
Airports that could be good candidates for LP minimums include those with numerous obstructions (think Alaska) or where surveying a GQS is deemed impractical or impossible.