GRAAPGrid Resource Allocation Agreement Protocol
GRAAPGrants to Reduce Alcohol Abuse Program (US Department of Education)
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Graap will also be retiring from the boards of directors of the company and the bank on the same date.
The research foundation of GRAAP was mainly based on two traditional GRA by Sun and Dang [5, 12]; and its basic principle is to use the cointegrated similarity of angles to reveal the relationship between different time series.
"We opted for the SaaS version rather on-premise because we wanted the immediate upgrades and lower maintenance requirements," Graap explains.
(1997) found that over-involvement was higher for AN relatives compared with BN relatives, and in the study by Graap et al.
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It was also a whole new world for Christian Graap, the son of a True Value retailer in Guatemala and the second international guest to visit the Andres and work at Prescott True Value.
VR creates environments that simulate real life, where the user experiences many of the same emotions that would be produced by a comparable real-world event (Glantz, Rizzo, & Graap, 2003).
The virtual reality application was developed at the University of Southern California's Institute for Creative Technologies by Skip Rizzo, Ph.D., and Jarrell Pair, in collaboration with Ken Graap at Virtually Better Inc.
7 November 2003: Kristin Marie Frucht, Andrew Martin Graap, Stefanie Deanne Rosenberg.
176-200) and is neatly complemented by Nicola Graap's focused account of the 'Publizistische Medien im sozialhistorischen Kontext des siebzehnten Jahrhunderts' (pp.