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A fine rain now made her still more dismal; vans with the odd names of those engaged in odd industries--Sprules, Manufacturer of Saw-dust; Grabb, to whom no piece of waste paper comes amiss-- fell flat as a bad joke; bold lovers, sheltered behind one cloak, seemed to her sordid, past their passion; the flower women, a contented company, whose talk is always worth hearing, were sodden hags; the red, yellow, and blue flowers, whose heads were pressed together, would not blaze.
This research consistently shows positive relationships linking class or socioeconomic status to mastery (Grabb 1980; Kohn 1977; Kohn and Slomczynski 1986; Lascano et al.
A more recent analysis used the Canadian and American samples of the 2001 World Values Survey to compare ethno-racial attitudes about four political institutions: the federal government, the civil service, political parties, and the police (Grabb et al.
Grabb's photo for Everybody Eats received a lot of reaction for bringing light to the issue of local farming.
Carraway, "Reconstruction ofthe eyelids and correction of ptosis of the eyelid," Grabb and Smith'S PlaStic Surgery, vol.
I selected the same control variables related to the number of siblings and generalized trust used in numerous earlier empirical research studies (Curtis, Baer, & Grabb, 2001; Delhey & Newton, 2005; Liu, Wright Austin, & Orey, 2009; Paxton, 2007; Rahn, Yoon, Garet, Lipson, & Loflin, 2009; Robinson & Jackson, 2001; Stromsnes, 2008).
Accountability for the management of volunteer resources goes beyond these issues, though, including for instance liability concerns involving government through legal oversight and the importance of creating satisfactory experiences in volunteer retention (Hwang, Anderson, and Grabb 207; Martinez 2003; Wilson and Musick 1999).
21, 1923, in Rochester, N.Y., to Fred and Ruth Grabb. She married Stanford C.
Grabb, et al., Wavelet-based analysis of Heart-rate-dependent ECG features, The Annals of Noninvasive Electrocardiology, 9(4), 316-322, 2004.
Sam was immediately transferred to the paediatric centre at Colorado Springs Memorial Central hospital for an operation by Paul Grabb.