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GRACEGravity Recovery And Climate Experiment
GRACEGenetic Resources and Crop Evolution (plant journal)
GRACEGlobal Registry of Acute Coronary Events
GRACEGlobal Resource Action Center for the Environment
GRACEGrid Architecture for Computational Economy
GRACEGod's Riches At Christ's Expense
GRACEGod's Redemption at Christ's Expense
GRACEGrass Roots Art and Community Effort
GRACEGraphing, Advanced Computation and Exploration of Data
GRACEGraduate Robot Attending Conference (Carnegie Mellon University)
GRACEGrassRoots Action Center for the Environment
GRACEGraphical Ruler and Compass Editor
GRACEGod's Righteousness At Christ's Expense
GRACEGlobal Resource Adaptation Through CoopEration
GRACEGeneric Reusable Ada Components for Engineering
GRACEGainesville Region/Alachua County Empowerment (Florida, USA)
GRACEGroup Routing and Charging Equipment (British Telecom equipment)
GRACEGravity Recovery and Climate Recovery
GRACEGreater Richmond Autism Coalition for Equality
GRACEGlorious Realities As Christ Empowers
GRACEGreen River Active Christian Encounter (Auburn, WA)
GRACEGang Retirement and Continuing Education and Employment
GRACEGround and Atmospheric Clutter Evaluation
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Charlie is riding his own horse," Lady Grace answered.
It is a shame," the Prince remarked, "that you should be disappointed, Lady Grace.
If I am eligible, and Lady Grace chooses, it seems to me very simple.
There was a day at Mukden--I do not like to talk of it, but it comes back to me--when I rode twelve different horses in twenty-four hours, but perhaps," he added, turning to Lady Grace, "you would not care to trust your horse with one who is a stranger to your--what is it you call them?
Mercy could just see the letter-case as Grace held it up in the deepening obscurity of the room.
Grace rose impulsively, and drawing her chair after her, approached the nurse.
Grace called to mind the hesitation that she had shown when she had mentioned her name, and drew a new conclusion from it.
Let your grace never trust me else,'' answered the master of the spies.
His Grace is by no means convinced that the police have failed.
Huxtable, that his Grace is particularly anxious to avoid all public scandal.
His Grace is not in the habit of posting letters himself," said he.
I think, your Grace, that I could speak more freely in Mr.