GRACoLGeneral Requirements for Applications in Commercial Offset Lithography (graphic arts printing standard)
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The default explanation for the variability of color in the flexo process is typically stated as, "Well, we don't have standards such as SWOP, Gracol, Euro, etc.
iCPlate2 and PlateScope are ideal for customers who are disciplined about process control, printing to standards such as SWOP[TM], Gracol (G7[TM]), FOGRA or ISO, or who are coordinating output between multiple CTP devices.
com, the highly acclaimed self-calibrating PG2401PT 24-inch color management monitor is FograCert Softproof certified, as well as SWOP & GRACoL certified by the IDEAlliance to ensure that on-screen colors visually match off-the-press colors for accurate reproduction.
With the increasing acceptance of GRACoL 7 within the printing industry and greater awareness of ISO printing standards, Superior's G7 process inks meet the ISO 2846-1 standard, allowing for ISO 12647-2 compliance in the pressroom.
Feature-rich press side color control and GRACoL, SWOP and ISO standards compliance now within reach of small to mid-size process printers
We are able to define a target color from just about any print standard: ISO 12647, Japan Color, GRACol, a previously printed job or an ICC profile.
The values correspond well with the output variables from GRACoL recommendations shown on the lower part of Table II.
The GRACoL (General Requirements for Application in Commercial offset Lithography) committee is conducting tests on various coated and uncoated stocks used in commercial printing.
This complements Chromaticity's existing media offerings that feature EFI Validation 250 Satin - the highly successful inkjet paper, designed from the ground up, to hit GRACoL specifications for proofing," commented Ian.
Canon's iPF x100 Series Large Format Printers and CGS PearlProof Media Awarded SWOP Grade 3 and 5, and GRACol Grade 1 Certifications
It can accurately match the popular GRACoL (General Requirements for Applications in Commercial Offset Lithography) standard, and takes advantage of ICC (International Color Consortium) DeviceLink Profiling for higher performance.