GRACoLGeneral Requirements for Applications in Commercial Offset Lithography (graphic arts printing standard)
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In addition, EcoTech process colors conform to ISO 2846-1 standards and are suitable for GRACoL G7 certification.
Developed by IDEAlliance and the GRACoL committee, G7 Master qualification signifies that a converter has been trained to print to the new G7 Proof-to-Print Process and has calibrated the proofing system or press to the G7 method.
With the increasing acceptance of GRACoL 7 within the printing industry and greater awareness of ISO printing standards, Superior's G7 process inks meet the ISO 2846-1 standard, allowing for ISO 12647-2 compliance in the pressroom.
The default explanation for the variability of color in the flexo process is typically stated as, "Well, we don't have standards such as SWOP, Gracol, Euro, etc., and the press configurations and ink delivery systems have many variables, so each printer is different and standardization is a nice concept but not practical." Well, the standardization is an ongoing process and is in development with such industry supported approaches as FIRST, Flexographic Image Reproduction Specifications and Tolerances.
The available ink sheets are based on the following industry standards: SWOP, GRAcol, Eurocolor, Publication, and Pantone Hexachrome.
The values correspond well with the output variables from GRACoL recommendations shown on the lower part of Table II.
Initial Trials Final Trials Process Ink Ink Density Dot Gain (50%) Ink Density Dot Gain (50%) Black 1.80 29 1.86 23 Cyan 1.17 20 1.30 21 Magenta 1.31 21 1.48 20 Yellow 1.17 21 1.00 17 Final Trials Process Ink Print Contrast Black 42 Cyan 37 Magenta 40 Yellow 32 GRACoL Recommendations * Input Variables Output Variables Ink Density Dot Gain (50%) Print Contrast Black 1.70 22 40-45 Cyan 1.40 20 35-40 Magenta 1.50 20 35-40 Yellow 1.05 18 30-35 * Grades 1&2 premium gloss/dull coated substrates, Line screen 175 and TAC 320.
The GRACoL (General Requirements for Application in Commercial offset Lithography) committee is conducting tests on various coated and uncoated stocks used in commercial printing.