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With this symbol, we can denote the gradient of a function, [Delta] F (pronounced gradF); the divergence of a vector function, [Delta] * F (pronounced the divergence of F); or the curl of a vector function, [Delta] x F (pronounced the curl of F).
PET Price Trends Bottle Grade OCT NOV 2-3 cents /lb 2 cents /lb Market Prices Effective Mid-November 2018 Resin Grade cents/lb POLYETHYLENE (railcar) LDPE, LINER 101-103 LLDPE BUTENE, FILM 84-86 NYMEX 'FINANCIAL' FUTURES 43 DECEMBER 43 HDPE, G-P INJECTION 106-108 HDPE, BLOW MOLDING 96-98 NYMEX 'FINANCIAL' FUTURES 48 DECEMBER 48 HDPE, HMW FILM 113-115 POLYPROPYLENE (railcar) G-P HOMOPOLYMER, INJECTION 92-94 NYMEX 'FINANCIAL' FUTURES 72.13 DECEMBER 72 IMPACT COPOLYMER 94-96 POLYSTYRENE (railcar) G-P CRYSTAL 108-110 HIPS 114-116 PVC RESIN (railcar) G-P HOMOPOLYMER 83-85 PIPF GRADF 82-84 PET (truckload) U.S.