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GRAFGolden Raspberry Award Foundation
GRAFGraphic Additions to FORTRAN
GRAFGroupe Recherche Action Formation (French: Action Research Training Group)
GRAFGroupe Asile Femmes (French: Women's Asylum Group)
GRAFGround Replay and Analysis Facility
GRAFGridded Representation of Analyses and Forecasts
GRAFGasoline Retailers Association of Florida
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Graf joins Genesys from Sungevity, a market-leading solar electricity company.
After wrapping up filming for "The Amazing Race," Graf and Nickson will have the chance to watch the show on television starting this week, and they plan to do so together.
It sounds from what I hear that she's looking to come back to tennis," Graf said.
Serena is such an extraordinary athlete," said Graf after Kerber beat Williams in the Australian Open final, but lost to the American in the Wimbledon final.
In court, Graf said one of the security officers said he would not be arrested if he left quietly, but neither of the officers who testified said they told him that.
Most of the inmates have no prior experience in cooking, and Graf delights in hearing about individuals who continue in the profession after their release.
Ed Graf arranged first mortgage re-financing for 40 2-story walk-up buildings with a total of 94 apartments located at 105-44 Green Street, 63-105 Herkimer Street, 94 Madison Avenue, 51-71 South Ferry Street and 44-77 Westerloo Street, Albany, New York.
With Norma selling for $36 a box and Graf for $20, I know which brand I'll be shooting.
Whores of Lost Atlantis by Charles Busch (Carroll and Graf, $14.
As Donna Graf worried about her 16-year-old son starting to drive, she wished there was someone who could watch over him the way she would--if she could always be in the car with him.
Willamette Medical Center LLC, a group headed by Eugene developer Wally Graf, has purchased a vacant 1.