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GRAILGALEN (Generalised Architecture for Languages, Encyclopaedias, and Nomenclatures in Medicine) Representation and Integration Language
GRAILGravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (US NASA)
GRAILGraphics and Imaging Laboratory (University of Washington)
GRAILGene Recognition and Assembly Internet Link
GRAILGrid Research and Innovation Laboratory
GRAILGeospatial Research and Information Laboratory (Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ)
GRAILGene Related to Anergy in Lymphocyte (immunology)
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They saw men who were strong oppress the weak and grind down the poor, and so they told the story of the Quest of the Holy Grail to try to make them a little better.
Romance of the Grail: The Magic and Mystery of Arthurian Myth
The Grail Path guides the creative and emotional person through a mystical transformation that calms the emotions and brings clarity to the mind.
Critique: Dreamers of the Grail is a fresh take on the lore of King Arthur and Camelot.
Some say the cup is the Holy Grail - Christ's chalice at the Last Supper.
The revered Catholic figure later founded a religious settlement at Glastonbury and legend has it that the ''grail'' then came into the safekeeping of monks.
Through Kickstarter, the game's creators are hoping to raise $8,000 to complete "Grail to the Thief.'' The money raised will be used to purchase software licenses and pay voice actors to record audio for the game.
It majorly reflected upon the subject on how, for developers, Grails provides an environment that allows rapid development and dynamic scripting of language.
"Experiential therapy," Grail explains, "is really a blanket term for all the different expressive therapies including art, dance, movement, drama, music, recreation, adventure and relaxation."
By some accounts, Joseph of Arimathea buried the Holy Grail just below the tower.
In this study, Griffin (office of information technology, University of Tennessee) summarizes evidence demonstrating the existence of the grail as a historical artifact and proving that a man from Israel (Joseph of Arimathea) traveled to England and founded a church there in the first century AD.
According to the story, the castle is the final resting place for the Holy Grail, the cup that Christ drank from at the Last Supper, and there is a tunnel all the way down to the abbey below.