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GRAMAGovernment Records Access and Management Act (Utah)
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The Grama Niladari of the division will be the official convener of the organization.
Grama is a global provider of graphic communication and digital security.
Atualmente, com o avanco da tecnologia, aparelhos como o clorofilometro CM 1000 (FieldScout Chlorophyll Meter--Spectrum[R] Technologies, Inc.) e o medidor de cor de grama (Turf Color Meter TCM 500 --Spectrum[R] Technologies, Inc.) foram colocados no mercado para a utilizacao em gramados.
Grama Ridge is interconnected with the El Paso pipeline in the Keystone pooling area and with DCP's Raptor Pipeline.
The grama switch is one of many technological grama leniencies developed in recent years.
The objective of this study was to quantify variation in seed yield traits between blue grama and little bluestem plant collections obtained from sites across southern Manitoba, Canada.
Assim, objetivou-se com o presente trabalho avaliar o uso do lodo de esgoto com e sem escarificacao superficial do solo na producao e qualidade de tapetes de grama esmeralda.
at Kamatagi of Kamatagi pattana panchayath , Bhairamatti village of Hallur grama panchayath, Honnakatti and Bevinamatti villageof Bevinamatti grama panchayath Bevoor village of Bevoor grama panchayath, Rampur village of Rampur grama panchayath, Bhagavathi village of Bhagavathi grama panchayath of Bagalkot Taluk & District Under TSP grant for the year 2017-18
Tenders are invited for pr no 158 - konni grama panchayat pr no 158 konni grama pan chayat construction of buds school in perurkulam glps ward no 13
Tenders are invited for installation of waste management plant in pozhuthana grama panchayat