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They also found more than a gramme of crack cocaine in a film container inside a pair of jeans in the bedroom.
He would use some himself and sell the rest in half gramme deals for pounds 25 a time to friends.
The third suspect was arrested and when his home was searched and police found about 5 grammes of marijuana under a bed.
I went to the martyr's website to discover one guy bemoaning a loss of 2 grammes when trying to convert quarters.
It included a nine-ounce bar and 52 grammes of herbal cannabis.
The reduced salt content of M&S bread would help cut a person's daily intake by as much as half a gramme.
Authorities said on Friday they are investigating a case concerning the arrival at the Limassol post office of a parcel from the US which contained 40 grammes of liquid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive constituent of cannabis.
They also found 30 grammes of crack cocaine, 25 grammes of cannabis resin, two ecstasy tablets and electric scales and plastic bags, said Geoffrey Fryar, prosecuting.
Prison officers pulled two grammes of cannabis from his mouth but five weeks later, McAllister, of Drumchapel, Glasgow, was caught again.
3 grammes of anabolic steroids strapped to his left shoulder.
Andrew Smith, prosecuting, said Roder-ick's involvement with the drugs was discovered after police raided a house in Malvern Avenue, and found a canvas bag containing 144 amphetamine tablets worth pounds 400, a sheet of 28 tabs of LSD worth pounds 84, 15 grammes of cocaine worth at least pounds 700, a bag with held 55 grammes of cannabis resin worth pounds 200, and another bag with 21 grammes of herbal cannabis worth pounds 200, as well as a set of electronic scales and a number of small plastic bags.
Police arrested a man in connection with the illegal possession of drugs with intent to supply on Sunday afternoon in Limassol after they discovered he had one kilo of cannabis in his car and another 730 grammes at home.