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In total, 84 rock samples were collected from 19 prospects and 47 were mineralised at more than 0.1 grammes of gold per tonne of ore.
The also inspected a vehicle that was parked at the premises and discovered five packages containing syabu crystals weighing 5,440.27 grammes.
The Nanbai Association a representative body of bread makers has refused to sell naan weighing 190 grammes for Rs15.
It has a capacity of 1 terabyte, supports USB 3.0, and weighs 175.2 grammes.
Opt for cereal with at least two, and ideally at least five, grammes of fibre per serving.
Uruguayans will be able to grow up to six plants of marijuana each and possess as much as 480 grammes for personal use.
Selon un rapport de la police judiciaire, 143 individus ont ete arretes pour commerce de drogue, en particulier les drogues dures, dans des operations qui ont permis la saisie de pres de 250 kg de chira (resine de cannabis), 500 grammes d'heroine, 25 grammes de cocaine et une importante quantite de comprimes psychotropes.
The force have recovered Rs 6.7 million in cash, 12 cars, 31 motorcycles, wood worth Rs 5.9 million, 63 cattles, 4162 litre of diesel, 45 mobile phones, 13 kalashnikovs, 27 rifles, 48 guns, 167459 litre of liquor , 243 grammes of heroin, and 388 grammes of liquor.
Pleaded guilty to possessing 242.98 grammes of amphetamine and 95 grammes of cannabis in Cramlington on September 15.
In a separate case, she admitted possessing 53.85 grammes of cocaine with intent to supply on November 24, and supplying 6.9 grammes of the drug on the same date.
For decades the sauce contained 2.1 grammes of salt per 100 grammes to add punch to the ingredients mix of malt vinegar, molasses, dates and tamarind.
The new bottles weigh just 13 grammes instead of the original 16 grammes.