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GRAMPSGenealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System (free software project)
GRAMPSGeriatric Record and Multidisciplinary Planning System
GRAMPSGuardrail Airborne Mission Planning Station
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If you listen closely and know anything about music, you'll realize Gramps is an absolutely incredible guitar player," writer Patrick Ferris said.
During his visit, Ari has the opportunity to get to know his Gramps even better through the cabin and land he left behind as well as all of the friendships he cultivated, allowing Ari a unique perspective on the situation.
Trey is staying with his Gramps at the Circle M Ranch, a quiet and peaceful place.
Gramps loves hard chargers and thinks aggressiveness is one of the basic traits that make naval aviators a breed apart.
Gramps was on foot patrol when he happened upon three thieves robbing a fur store.
Yeah, they called me Gramps, but, you know, to be part of the 18 selected from the 55 who actually made training camp, I couldn't be more pleased.
A devoted husband of Joan and the late Margaret, much l o v e d dad o f Stephen and Darren, a sadly missed step-dad, a devoted gramps and great -grandad.
Readers will also meet her grandfather, First Gramps, her pesky little brother, Josh, her Aunt Doo-Dah and her baby cousin, Prissy, among other interesting characters.
That's where my gramps taught me how to fish and then cook the catch to perfection.
I skated for 15 years before that, and now Gramps is hitting up the local park, cruising the bowl and having a blast.