GRAPAGarantie de Revenu Aux Personnes Agées (French)
GRAPAGraphics Programming and Applications
GRAPAGlobal Revenue Assurance Professionals Association, Inc. (Oakwood Hills, IL)
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It can be extremely challenging for VNOs and MNOs to adjust to the overwhelming stress that radical new technologies, business models and partnership agreements place on traditional revenue assurance and operational approaches," commented Rob Mattison, president of GRAPA.
Since this program is geared towards more experienced professionals, GRAPA will encourage participants to share their experiences and successes throughout this event.
8220;Along with the white paper, I am proud that GRAPA can provide training that gives professionals the fraud, technical, and operational information they need to run a successful mobile money operation.
GRAPA is committed to core principals of consensus, rationalization and integrity in all its endeavors.
Pamela joins the GRAPA staff after working for the past four years as Revenue Assurance and Fraud Manager for Nuevatel Bolivia, where she was tasked with starting up the Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management department from the ground up.
Pamela will officially begin teaching GRAPA training courses in Spanish starting in 2011, and will be working on developing new curriculum and certification training programs for GRAPA starting in October 2010.
GRAPA was created to serve the interests of telecommunications professionals engaged in the design, delivery, assurance, fraud containment, risk management and audit of telecommunications revenue streams and approaches throughout the world.
One of the most powerful facets of GRAPA is the amazing network members have built for each other," says Meredith Wisniewski, GRAPA's 2011 Standards Production Manager, and editor of GRAPA Community Matters.
This new blog will begin with a discussion of the proposed GRAPA Principles and Standards for 2011.
When you talk to him you can just tell, he really enjoys what he does for GRAPA and he has a great deal of enthusiasm when it comes to Revenue Assurance.
Rob Mattison, President of GRAPA and instructor of the TFO program declared that "the Telco Fraud Officer pilot certification event exceeded all of our expectations.
Based on such positive feedback, GRAPA is excited to continue the TFO program during certification events in Delhi and Miami, as well as more to be scheduled for throughout the year.