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GRAPPAGroupe de Recherche sur l'Apprentissage Automatique (French)
GRAPPAGrid Access Portal for Physics Applications (project)
GRAPPAGenome Rearrangements Analysis Under Parsimony and Other Phylogenetic Algorithms
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Notable products include Grappa Chardonnay di Franciacorta, Grappa Amarone Barricata, Grappa Barolo Invecchiata, and La Santissima Franciacorta sparkling wine.
European Union law states that that the Grappa Geographical Indication (GI) exclusively applies to the pomace-based spirit produced from raw materials obtained from grapes produced and vinified in Italy, and distilled and processed in plants located in Italian territory.
The GRAPPA formulation can be simplified as a matrix equation:
The purpose of this work is to enable the additional computational savings in the traditional GRAPPA reconstruction time by suppressing the reconstruction errors associated with randomly projected calibration equations as compared to RP-GRAPPA.
Karasz adds an interesting twist to marketing his grappa. He offers his customers a do-it-yourself oak option with the American Oak Infusion Spiral, produced by The Barrel Mill and made specifically for "aging" spirits in a single bottle.
"Grappa 46 feels very fortunate to serve our community and the many sports fans who routinely visit the area, and would like to start with a friendly 'hello' this Thursday," said Justin Page, acting communication director for Grappa 46.
Cortina has too much class to have encouraged streets full of wild apresski bars and clubs pumping out bassheavy house beats but if the grappa has refuelled tired ski legs and you have to dance, Jambo is the place to do it.
He was born in Atlanta and during his career he served as president of the Georgia Fieldmen's Association, Skipper of the Georgia Mariner's Club and Emperor of the National Grappa Society.
drinking kamikaze shots of Cuervo Gold or grappa at the bar I hate their
Then there was the brilliant partnership of the architect Giovanni Greppi (1884-1966) and the sculptor Giannino Castiglioni (1884-1971), which enhanced the natural landscape with extraordinary mountain necropoli on top of Monte Grappa and at Redipuglia--Italy's national shrine, which contains the remains of 100,000 of her soldiers--that are unprecedented in concept: why are they not better known?
I stopped at a cafe to buy a bottle of grappa to take home, and was standing at the till just as the Italians scored.
Montegrappa, based in Bassano del Grappa in north-east Italy, is marking its 100th year.