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GRAPPAGroupe de Recherche sur l'Apprentissage Automatique (French)
GRAPPAGrid Access Portal for Physics Applications (project)
GRAPPAGenome Rearrangements Analysis Under Parsimony and Other Phylogenetic Algorithms
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For the uninitiated, there are four flights ($20 to $50): Intro to Grappa, Distillery Flights, Barrique and Dealer's Choice.
Karasz offers customers a taste of his grappa treated with oak for reference, then sells the spirals to customers for $5 apiece.
Grappa 46 feels very fortunate to serve our community and the many sports fans who routinely visit the area, and would like to start with a friendly 'hello' this Thursday," said Justin Page, acting communication director for Grappa 46.
The British war cemeteries and memorials to the missing deliberately made no distinction between officers and men (or between faiths) in the manner of commemoration, but at Monte Grappa the tomb of General Giardino is conspicuous, while at the bottom of the slope at Redipuglia a large block of porphyry contains the body of the Duke of Aosta, commander of the 3rd Army.
I might have had that grappa for nothing; the cashier was happy to give me anything.
It does exactly what it is intended - it transfers the product effectively and there are no unwanted tastes in the grappa.
For generations, the family has been producing wine and digestivi--a tradition kept alive by Cristina who is "the keeper of the family's nocino and grappa traditions", according to Giorgio.
There is such energy, such passion, with much flinging and heaving and plumping and generosity, you'll want to sit down with a restorative glass of grappa to catch your breath.
He is demanding equal treatment for vodka and champagne, rum, grappa and even whisky.
Despues de cenar, impulsados por los que quieren fumar, pocos, pero insistentes, pasamos al bar; me conformo con un cafe descafeinado, los demas beben grappa, grappa marca Francoli.
Fuksas' buildings want to be icons as pleasing to the boss of Grappa exporters Nardini as to King Giorgio of deconstructive tailoring.
The odors were a mixture that lingered on my calfskin coat: olives, polenta, hints of musty catacombs, fava beans and grappa.