GRAREGround Receiving and Analog Ranging Equipment
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Grare, Frederic (2007) "Rethinking western strategies toward Pakistan: an action agenda for the United States and Europe", Washington, D.C.
In the book, Grare draws from his intimate knowledge of the region, and his substantial corpus of scholarship (that goes back at least two decades) as he tries to make strategic sense of India's eastern engagement.
And a similar feeling prevails in Pakistan that states that India is opposing the CPEC,' added Mr Grare.
Grare who had authored a book titled ' India Turns East: US China Rivarly'.
Frederic Grare is a non-resident senior fellow in Carnegie's South Asia Program.
So by 1990s, both Sunni and Shia militant outfits were engaged in carrying out sectarian attacks, killing religious leaders and worshippers of the opposite sect (Grare, 2007; Weaver, 2002).
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However, if Dubai wants to successfully reach these targets, regulations for approvals and grid connection by local authorities need be improved, said REC vice president Grare.
Pakistan's interest in constructing military garrisons in three sensitive areas of Sui, Gwadar and Kohlu has further left Baloch feeling dispossessed (Grare 2006: 5-6).
Abu Dhabi: The UAE and Egypt are expected to account for the highest demand for renewable energy in the region this year, according to Luc Grare, senior vice president of sales and marketing at REC Group, a global provider of solar energy solutions.
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