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GRASEGenerally Recognized As Safe and Effective
GRASEGradient Spin Echo (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
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* Consider a tentative GRASE finding with additional testing for the eight filters that the industry plans to support.
"In general, the projects are always quite simple," Grase says.
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"We are proposing that these ingredients require additional data before a positive GRASE determination can be made," FDA press officer Sandy Walsh said in an interview, referring to the 12 ingredients.
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In acest scop vor fi introduse in habitat asa numitele "panarame", care vor trai cu nulitatile manageri si vor fi invidiate si barfite de nevestele grase si oxigenate ale capabililor cu studii.
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The current FDA proposal has deemed all but two, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, as Category I Generally Regarded As Safe and Effective (GRASE) filters to use.
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