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GRAVGroundnut Rosette Assistor Virus (virology)
GRAVGet Real about Violence (prevention program)
GRAVUnspeciated Gravimetric Compounds
GRAVGroupe de Research d'Art Visuel (1960's French sculpture/art movement)
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"I never got to meet Grav, but he was obviously a legend when I was at the Scarlets and in Welsh rugby.
- The design evokes Ruin's forceful nature and features the iconic markings displayed on his unique weapon, the Grav Slam, which is featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.
"By obtaining accurate diameter and surface reflectivity measurements on 1,750 Jupiter Trojans, we increased by an order of magnitude what we knew about these two gatherings of asteroids," said Grav.
Nothing is allowed to cross the yawning gulf between "humanitarian" and "monetary" values (neither of which Grav carefully defines).
But whereas grav colleague Morellet's mathematical combinatorics was meant to circumvent not only the cult of the handmade but any romantic notion of subjectivity, Molnar did not necessarily see the use of the computer as an assault on authorship.
Every rugby community in Wales can boast a Grav; a figure who the entire club warms to, a man who is larger than life, larger than the game, but who sums up everything that is good, was good, about the strange world of union.
When I heard late on Wednesday night that Grav had died from a heart attack, I was stunned that someone so full of life could possibly be taken away so suddenly.
"The amount of cratering is much higher than, I think, most anticipated and will tell us a lot about the number and sizes of small objects in the Saturn region of our solar system," comments Tommy Grav of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Mass.
As knowledge and experience are gained, other useful remedies may be Rhus Tox, Ruta Grav, Hepar Sulph and Silicea.
The contracts, valued at a total of SEK3.80m, were received by Nelsson Vag och Anlaggning AB, Nasby Grav, Vetlanda Lastbilcentral AB, Schakt & Skog Entreprenad i Lemnhult, Nya Gravtjanst, Gravmaskinsfirman, Jonssons Grav, Moths Grav & Frakt, Goran Axelssons Gravservice, Storms Schakt AB and Fa Yngvessons Schakt & Transport.
"It looks as though commonsense is starting to prevail as Mr Colin Beardwood, chairman of the county council's environment committee, has said that he believes that if half of the requirement could be found from 'brownfield' sites that he would have grav e doubts about the need for a new settlement.
Cymaint fu llwyddiant 'GRAV' fel y cafodd y sioe wahoddiad i Efrog Newydd i gael ei llwyfannu yn y Big Apple ganol mis Mawrth.