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GRAVGroundnut Rosette Assistor Virus (virology)
GRAVGet Real about Violence (prevention program)
GRAVUnspeciated Gravimetric Compounds
GRAVGroupe de Research d'Art Visuel (1960's French sculpture/art movement)
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By obtaining accurate diameter and surface reflectivity measurements on 1,750 Jupiter Trojans, we increased by an order of magnitude what we knew about these two gatherings of asteroids," said Grav.
But by thus reducing New Historicism to the hermeneutically dubious reliance on idiosyncratic fragments, and without pausing to ask why, even if this assessment were fair, New Historicists would adopt such methods, Grav sidesteps rather than engages the real methodological issues at stake.
While the sport isn't often a theme of stage dramas, Grav is one of two plays with a rugby star at its heart opening in Wales in the coming weeks.
Well, Grav would have looked at all the children at the Scarlets two nights ago and seen so many expressions of so much hope.
When we needed Grav to drive the ball up the middle that's how we used him, and it's fair to say he was raw in his early days.
It looks as though commonsense is starting to prevail as Mr Colin Beardwood, chairman of the county council's environment committee, has said that he believes that if half of the requirement could be found from 'brownfield' sites that he would have grav e doubts about the need for a new settlement.
Meanwhile, Grav - the one-man show about Welsh rugby legend Ray Gravell - is also recognised for Best Director (Peter Doran), Best Actor (Gareth John Bale) and Owen Thomas (Playwright).
Grav come to the Theatr Harlech on Friday, March 6 at 7.
Mr Jones said: "When my son, Bedwyr was in his last year of school he won the international shirt worn by Grav in his second international - against England in February 1975 - in a competition.
Mae cwmni Mr Producer wedi bod yn allweddol yn agoriad Canolfan Mileniwm Cymru, seremoniau gwobrwyo BAFTA Cymru a sawl cyngerdd i'r teledu fel Noson Grav, Jones Jones Jones ac C Ffactor.
Of course, it was a very emotional night but we wanted to play as well as we did in remembrance of Grav, who was a proud Scarlet.