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Elijah, while on a hunt for moose fifty miles away, had panned the surface gravel of a large creek and found good colors.
I whirled round, and there, on one of those dry gravel beds, was the biggest snake I had ever seen.
Yet all this gravel has been transported, and probably rounded, subsequently to the deposition of the white beds, and long subsequently to the underlying beds with the tertiary shells.
If I did not reason as I do in regard to this gravel," he went on, "I should have to assume a balloon
Being old and sly, I forbore to call out; but being also, unfortunately, old and heavy, my feet betrayed me on the gravel.
The common round the sand pits was dotted with people, stand- ing like myself in a half-fascinated terror, staring at these creatures, or rather at the heaped gravel at the edge of the pit in which they lay.
Tattered gamins on the right made a furious assault on the gravel heap.
Blended with its borders, the gravel walk seemed unsteady and insecure to step on.
Two delighful twilight walks on the third and fourth evenings of her being there, not merely on the dry gravel of the shrubbery, but all over the grounds, and especially in the most distant parts of them, where there was something more of wildness than in the rest, where the trees were the oldest, and the grass was the longest and wettest, had--assisted by the still greater imprudence of sitting in her wet shoes and stockings--given Marianne a cold so violent as, though for a day or two trifled with or denied, would force itself by increasing ailments on the concern of every body, and the notice of herself.
Whether fine or wet, he passed most of it pacing the gravel paths in Lincoln's Inn Fields.
Upon my word, the pains he has taken in putting this little arbour to rights, and training the sweetest flowers about it, are beyond anything I could have--I wish he wouldn't put ALL the gravel on your side, Kate, my dear, though, and leave nothing but mould for me.
Forty feet beneath, the slide terminated in a small, firm-surfaced terrace, the banked accumulation of fallen earth and gravel.