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GRBGamma Ray Burst(er)
GRBGeneral Purpose Rename Buffer
GRBGraduate Recruitment Bureau
GRBGender Responsive Budget (various organizations)
GRBGraduated Retirement Benefit (UK)
GRBGrape Root Borer (insect)
GRBGrid Resource Broker
GRBGharb (postal locality, Malta)
GRBGlobal Resource Broker
GRBGlobal Resource Bank (communal bank)
GRBGrootschalig Referentiebestand (Dutch: large scale mapping program)
GRBGreen Bay, WI, USA - Austin/Straybel Field (Airport Code)
GRBG. Ray Bodley (High School)
GRBGreen Red Blue
GRBGovernment Retirement & Benefits, Inc.
GRBGeneral Revenue Bonds
GRBGlobally Responsible Birthing
GRBGlobal Relationship Banking
GRBGranatbuechse (German WWII anti-tank grenade rifle)
GRBGeophysics Research Board
GRBGovernment Reservation Bureau
GRBGolden Radio Buffs of Maryland (old-time radio)
GRBGrand Rose Band
GRBGeneral Radio Broadcast
GRBGabriel Richard Building
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At least one miniburst with early hard development was found in all of them in correspondence of the highest-energy photon in the GRB. And in all four cases the onset of this miniburst containing the highest-energy photon was preceded by a relatively large time interval of high-energy silence: one finds in all these four GRBs a suitable lower cutoffon the energies of the photons to be included in the analysis such that there are no detections of photons in such a sample for a certain time interval before the detection of the highest-energy photons, while going at still earlier times one finds a denser rate of detections of photons in the sample.
Caption: Figure 17: Observations of KNe associated with SGRBs: (a) GRB 130603B, from [395].
A review of GRB experiences demonstrates that it includes a wide variety of initiatives that diverge in terms of approaches and tools, objectives, coverage and institutional location (Elson, 2002).
The astronomers concluded that the best explanation for the unusual properties of GRB 130925A was that it heralded the death of a metal-poor blue supergiant, a model they suggested likely characterizes the entire ultra-long class.
The GRB emergence information can help growers to optimize the timing of their chlorpyrifos application or other tactics for the control of GRB in grapes.
"In today's competitive marketplace we must be ahead of the curve to find and deliver the next big thing: We have done that with 'Next Action Star' and we are doing it again with formats like 'The Surreal Life,'" says GRB Senior VP Gavin Reardon.
At stellar death, a highly relativistic, narrow beam of material can be ejected from the poles of the star which glows brightly first in gamma radiation and then across the entire electromagnetic spectrum and is known as a GRB.
The flight was reportedly grounded in Madison, Wisc. for roughly 45 minutes before taking off for GRB, where it diverted a second time.
GRB Entertainment was recognized for this commitment to excellence in 2009, when its groundbreaking A&E series, Intervention, received the Emmy[R] Award from the Television Academy of Arts & Sciences for Outstanding Reality Program.
The company, which received referrals from Leedsbased firm GRB among others, had no bank account and Mrs Cox, who took a percentage of the fees, which she has now repaid in full, transferred all the rest of the money to Parker's bank account.
Caption: Figure 3 Temporal evolution of spectral parameters obtained from power law model (left) and cutoff power law model (right) for the GRB 071010B (top), GRB 080413B (middle) and GRB 080411 (bottom).
Fermi-LAT Observations of the Gamma-Ray Burst GRB 130427A.