GRBFGeneralized Radial Basis Function (network)
GRBFGet Reel Bass Fishing (YouTube series)
GRBFGrowing Radial Basis Function (neurology)
GRBFGaussian-Ray Basis Function
GRBFGlycophorin Regulatory Element Binding Factor
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Finally SVM classification is used with six kernel functions, where by the GRBF is giving higher accuracy and sensitivity results than by using other kernel function.
It was originally financed via a EUR 282 million loan by Lloyds Halifax Bank of Scotland for GRBF, which has now eight months before its maturity in September 2013 been refinanced by a consortium of banks.
GRBF [7] are obtained from GB by introducing an extra empirical parameter, with the aim to control the beam width at a given distance from the source.