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GRCAGrand Canyon National Park (US National Park Service)
GRCAGolden Retriever Club of America
GRCAGrand River Conservation Authority (Canada)
GRCAInternational Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Association (trade association; UK)
GRCAGanaraska Region Conservation Authority
GRCAGovernance, Risk, and Compliance Auditor (certification)
GRCAGolden Retriever Club of Alberta (Canada)
GRCAGround Reference Coverage Area
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References other than primary literature include GRCA collection (Grand Canyon National Park collections), MNA (Museum of Northern Arizona), AZSite (Arizona's Cultural Resource Inventory), NeotomaDB (Neotoma Paleoecology Database), and NeoMap (Neogene Mammal Mapping Portal).
If you have several locations to surveil, the SMO will use a GRCA and then use a higher revisit surveillance request, like an Attack Planning (AP) Radar Request or Small-Area Target Classification (SATC) Radar Request, for confirmation of suspected activities within the GRCA.
According to the Head of the GRCA, Linda Laliberte, the planned project Milligan referred to is "very preliminary" and that there has only been one meeting with a water development firm and that was "quite a few months ago.
As GRCA, the association gave its first educational seminar in June 1990.
She noted that most fees, including GRCA fees, were heavily subsidized and did not reflect the cost of maintaining access points.
Program details and authorization for entering into an agreement with the GRCA to deliver the program and distribute the financial incentives were approved by Regional Council in March 1998.
The GRCA budget covers the costs of programs which protect water quality, reduce flood damages, preserve and improve natural areas, support environmentally responsible development and provide outdoor recreation and environmental education.
The latter awards a Working Certificate (WC) or Working Certificate Excellent (WCX) to goldens that perform adequately in GRCA field tests.
1-million-acre wilderness designation and management plan at Grand Canyon National Park Address: Superintendent Robert Amberger, GRCA N.
So the GRCA has made a deliberate decision to leave the stuff on the ground, to deter people from entering the properties until we have had a chance to deal with the dangers overhead.
Spending for GRCA programs includes core programs such as flood control, water quality and reforestation (48%) and non-core programs such as conservation parks and nature centres (52%).
Staff met with the Source Water Protection committee last month and were told at that time that the GRCA hopes to have the plan approved by the MOE by the spring of 2014.