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2.1.The Model of GRCM. The function of the GRCM model is to assess the parameters by calculating their errors, which indicate the distance between the reference curves constructed by these parameters and the chromatogram peaks existing in X.
The GRCM model transformed the separation problem to a multiparameter optimization issue.
Financial governance applications augment the compliance controls in finance GRCM solutions with broader controls that monitor capabilities and, when delivered as a comprehensive solution, will enable CFOs to better manage financial risk.
Tambien se ilustra el diagrama de fase teorico (lineas) obtenido mediante el uso del metodo de los GRCM aplicado a un modelo de Ising diluido y con enlaces aleatorios, el cual concuerda muy bien con el obtenido experimentalmente.
In this connection, the collaborating partner and Director, GRCM and RIO Prof.
This Request for Information ( RFI ) is being issued to solicit information from interested suppliers with respect to Information Technology (IT) Governance, Risk, and Compliance Management (GRCM) solutions for the Georgia Technology Authority (hereinafter, GTA ) as further described in this RFI.
OpenPages has created an Optimum GRCM (Governance, Risk and Compliance Management) Suite; its first product, OpenPages FCM, for Financial Controls Management, has been out for a couple of years.
Cognos-powered CommandCenter is OpenPages' suite of executive dashboards and reports designed to accelerate review and approval of GRCM information throughout the enterprise.
Michael Jansen, Director, German Research Centre Mohenjo-Daro (GRCM) and Research Centre Indian Ocean (RIO).
Michael Jansen, Director, German Research Centre Moen-Jo-Daro (GRCM) and Research Centre Indian Ocean (RIO).