GRCOGerman Roman Catholic Orphanage (Buffalo, NY)
GRCOGeneral Radio Communication Operator (job title)
GRCOGilbert Rotary Centennial Observatory (Gilbert, Arizona)
GRCOGeneral Radiochemical Operations
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Founded in 2001, Greenbelt Resources Corporation is a public company trading under the symbol GRCO.PK.
Gray dogwood thickets CORA +.07 55 NS Gray dogwood/grass meadows GRCO -.42 17 0.0968 Rubus/little bluestem meadows RUSC -.26 17 NS Little bluestem meadows SCSC +.17 34 NS Mossy bluestem meadows SCMO +.28 7 NS Rocky hayscented fern meadows DEPU +.46 5 NS Loosestrife wet meadows LYSA +.32 8 NS
We'll try to tighten our defence." "Our goalkeepers Grco Mirnes and Abdulaziz Althafiri are in fine form and that's an encouraging sign.
Zovko substituted goalkeeper Abdulaziz Althafiri with Grco Mirnes and he made an impact by saving a few shots.
At the other end, Qatar coach Dragan Zovko substituted Grco Mirnes with Abdulaziz al-thafiri early on.
Coach Dragan Zovko took a calculated risk by substituting goalkeeper Grco Mirnes with Abdulaziz Althafiri.
Qatar goalkeeper Grco Mirnes put up a scintillating show under the bar and punched away several shots at goal.