GRCPGovernance, Risk, and Compliance Professional (certification)
GRCPGenetic Resources Conservation Program (University of California at Davis)
GRCPGoa Rajiv Congress Party (India)
GRCPGround Refuel Control Panel
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It ranked 11 out of 20 in this year's GRCP with a score of 59 out of 100.
This year's edition of the GRCP also saw the addition of Thailand's exclusive residence programme, which ranked 5thout of the 20 programmes.
The GRCP ranks the 20 most relevant residence-by-investment programmes as well as the top eight citizenship-by-investment programmes available today in two indexes; the Global Residence Programmes Index and the Global Citizenship Programmes Index.
The GRCP details the outcomes of the Global Residence programme Index (GRPI) and the Global Citizenship Programme Index (GCPI) which analyse a range of criteria such as immigration law, tax and quality of living, transparency, risk and compliance issues to determine the relative worth of each country's programmes.
The Girl Rising Country Partnership (GRCP) will demonstrate that high-quality media and storytelling, deployed strategically with the appropriate tools and resources, will increase awareness of a particular issue, spark individual and collective engagement, build stronger social movements, catalyze policy advancements, and as a result, create meaningful and lasting social change.
The consultant will be responsible for providing technical assistant to the GRCP project team in New York and in each country on the Research and Monitoring and Evaluation component of the program.