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Speaking on the occasion, Executive Director GRDO, Ghulam Hyder Malokani said that more than 50 per cent workforce in the Province was related with agriculture sector in one way or the other.
In an effort to break the cycle, GRDO dipped into its own funds to purchase two plots of land--each around two hectares in size and located roughly 30 minutes from Hyderabad--and began constructing villages on them.
Finally, the police came and, with the help of GRDO, the family was released and brought to Azadnagar.
While working with GRDO, she began to learn about the Pakistani judicial system, and although she still works as a labourer, harvesting crops, she also helps to facilitate new cases.
Segundo Cupertino (2013), o gerenciamento por decisoes operacionais (GRDO) e realizado ao longo do exercicio financeiro, de acordo com a percepcao dos gestores de como as atividades relativas ao negocio da entidade irao se desdobrar ao longo do ciclo operacional.
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