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Vous avez tous un desir sans egal De conquerir au moins le saint Greal: Bien au-dessus de la Grande-Bretagne, Dans les deserts de l'humide campagne, Sous ces affreux et lugubres climats ou les brouillards ont deploye leurs ailes, Qui sont voues a d'eternels frimas, Et quelquefois a des nuits eternilles, Aux bords d'une isle, au sein de tant de flots Cachee aux yeux et terrible aux vaisseaux, Dans une grotte a l'aspect romantique, Qui de Fingal porte le nom antique, Le saint Greal, objet de votre ardeur, Est le tresor, est le depot insigne Commis au roi qu'on appelle Pecheur, Parce qu'en main il a toujours la ligne, Et sur les eaux suit le peuple nageur.
Billy Phannavong, Chris Wei, Nancy Zheng, Vivia Yan, Joanna Mci Qi Su, Kenna Chick, Vicky Kong, Angel Trach, Yu Qiao Zhen, Carrie Huang, Manyi Leung, Connie Lee, David Su, Yini.Wang (Greal Wall Youth Orchestra)
Kamp notes that the phrase, American Dream, did not appear until 1931 during the Greal Depression and that our Founding Fathers never mentioned it: neither Benjamin Franklin nor Thomas Jefferson nor any other historical icon ever uttered it.
And for this intent: the king knew well that Sir Launcelot should get a child upon his daughter, the which should be named Sir Galahad the good knight, by whom all the foreign country should be brought out of danger, and by him the Holy Greal should be achieved"
Jacqueline Greal (Paris: Editions Franciscaines, 1970) 311, writes: "L'incarnation est en harmonie avec l'oeuvre de Dieu parce qu'elle represente l'achevement et la conclusion de toute oeuvre de Dieu, qui est le somme insurpassable de la creation" (The incarnation is in accordance with God's work because it represents the achievement and conclusion of God's entire work and is the unsurpassable sum of creation).
Yn anffodus, roeddem ar y chweched llawr, ond roedd gwasanaeth golchi dillad am ddim, a''r Greal Sanctaidd i unrhyw deithiwr - tecell!
The lads are (back, from left) Chris Kelly, Michael Davies, Simon Jordan, Stephen Hadfield, Gerard Lenihan, Paul Walton; front (from left): John Downey, Frank Mac- Greal, Aidan Hopson, Edward Zakgrewski and Tom Ricketts..
"What really disappointed me was that Stephen Roberts made a monumental mistake in the first minute which allows them to get a shot on goal and Rene produces a greal save and we still stood there watching him.
Wadud did not show a greal level of form during her light career, but she is a sister to high-class juvenile Najiya and Group 3 Gordon Stakes winner Rabah.
A Biographical Dictionary of Civil Engineers in Greal Britain and Ireland, ed Professor Sir Alec Skempton.