GREBGeneric Replacement Box
GREBGeneral Research Ethics Board (Queen's University; Ontario, Canada)
GREBGovernance and Restructuring of Enterprises in the Baltics (Copenhagen Business School; Denmark)
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Kennedy S, Bergqvist A, Chapron C, D'Hooghe T, Dunselman G, Greb R, et al.
Caption: (From left) Kim Vander Velde, SVP of sales, and Andrew Greb, senior affiliate manager, of
(2) Groupe de Recherche en Ecologie Buccale (GREB), Faculte de Medecine Dentaire, Universite Laval, Quebec City, QC, Canada
Rouabhia, who is also a member of the Oral Ecology Research Group (GREB) at Universite Laval: "Damage to the defensive barrier in the mouth can increase the risk of infection, inflammation, and gum disease.
"As a Suprema partner we have experienced a lot of growth in the North American and UK markets due to its leadership and continued emphasis on producing biometric products of superior quality, versatility and range," said Steve Greb, Strategic Director of Business Development at BioConnect.
(4.) Rios, M., Greb, E., "Robots: The Next Phase in Pharmaceutical Automation.", September, 2009 -automation-0?id=&sk=&date=&pageID=2.
Study procedures were approved by the University's General Research Ethics Board (GREB).
Manufacturing them was also something of a risk for Bergman, but he covered his tracks by marking them with the tradename "Nam Greb".
Look out for Bergmann's distinctive signature marks: a 'B' in a vase shape, or 'Nam Greb', which reads 'Bergman' in reverse and was used on his more erotic pieces, which were not to the taste of his more conservative clients or his family.
Greb Vilalon scored 13 points for the Builders while Jaymar Misola collected 14 points and six rebounds for PNP.