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GRECOGroupe d'Etats Contre La Corruption (French: Group of States against Corruption, EC)
GRECOGrenoble Campus Ouvert (Grenoble Open University)
GRECOGraphical Electromagnetic Computing
GRECOGroupe de Recherche et d'Expérimentation en Chirurgie Orthopédique
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El Greco was like a writer, sometimes a poet and sometimes a versifier, who had little command of syntax.
In a foreword to the exhibition catalogue, Metropolitan director Philippe de Montebello points out that El Greco was rescued from obscurity by the Romantics of the nineteenth century, who sensed in the emotive, mystical artist a kindred spirit.
El Greco began as an icon painter in Crete, which at the time was under Venetian domination; and among the great surprises of the show are two recently identified paintings by him, one of the Dormition of the Virgin, the other of Saint Luke painting the Virgin and Child, both from the 1560s, and executed in Post-Byzantine style, under which optical abnormalities could scarcely be perceived.
It is possible to find traces of the elongations and ritualized poses of late Byzantine icons in El Greco's work, as well as echoes of the expressive brushwork of late Titian, the dizzy perspectives and dramatic lighting of Venetian painting of the generation after Titian, the theatrical gestures and wrenched postures, elastic space, and the zoom-lens alterations of scale of Mannerism, and more--evidence of everything that El Greco encountered and devoured, sometimes whole (as in his verbatim quotations of figures and poses from the work of artists he admired, especially in his earlier work), and finally digested thoroughly.
Did Greco really do that, or did it happen to someone he knew, or was it all just good dirty fictional fun?
From 1577 until he died in 1614, El Greco made his home in Toledo, some miles south of Madrid.
During his stay in Rome, El Greco moved in intellectual circles and studied literary sources, among them work by Pliny the Elder, a Roman writer from the first century A.
Wonder if that reminded Greco of his recent dealings with his EastEnders bosses?
The plot ran like this: scumbag security guard 'with form' played by Greco falls in love with his rich boss's wife.
The first of these, which Greco refers to as "negative epistemology," comprises chapters 2-6.