GREIGlobal Recycle Energy, Inc. (Lubbock, Texas)
GREIGeminian Real Estate Italy (est. 2005; Padenghe del Garda, Italy)
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I won the seven kilometre run, which I was obviously very happy with, and the biathlon with three-time gold medallist Michael Greis was fantastic.
Stock, Greis e Kasarda (1998) ressaltam que este conceito sofreu significativa alteracao, em que a logistica passou a ser responsavel por uma atuacao que exige integracao entre diferentes areas, de forma que a cadeia de suprimentos tenha suas operacoes otimizadas (STOCK; GREIS; KASARDA, 1998).
Loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) is the most widely planted species in the United States because of its ability to grow on a wide range of sites and its use in a variety of wood products, including pulp, oriented strand board, medium-density fiberboard, chip-n-saw, sawtimber, plywood, and poles (Wear and Greis 2002).
There is an increased amount of literature in strategic management that looks at the firm's knowledge absorptive capacity (Stock, Greis & Fischer, 2001; Tsai, 2001; Verona, 1999).
1996; Kumar and van Dissel, 1996; Greis and Kasarda, 1997; Christiaanse and Kumar, 2000).
De igual forma, tambien encontramos referencias en los trabajos de Orlando Fals Borda, Jorge Restrepo y Manuel Rodriguez, Eduardo Posada Carbo y Greis Verbel.
der Greis Philetas Daphnis und Chloe von seiner Begegnung mit Eros erzahlt, heiBt es (2,7,1):
Greis (1994) assessed customer service targets in production and inventory planning and his findings suggest that the establishment of service level targets consistent with a firm's strategic plan must consider both demand characteristics and the capacities of the production and inventory system.
Chris Greis warned against assuming that the SEC efforts to apply the same fiduciary standard to broker-dealers and investment advisors would affect only sellers of variable life and annuity products that are classified as securities.
In a modernized industry, a product's technical performance is the most significant trait that gives way to a perception of superiority (Stock, Greis and Fischer, 2001).
Some of these principals are going to work until they drop, and there's no succession plan at all, Greis said.