GRELGhana Rubber Estate Limited
GRELGender Representation in Language (group)
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Against above sustainable debt of Rs 1,412 crore, GMR Group has already infused Rs 395 crore towards meeting 20 per cent of principal towards repayment of the sustainable debt and interest servicing obligations of GREL for the first year.
GREL Basic School has, on two consecutive times, won the trophy by coming tops in the quiz competition for the years 2017 and 2018.
See Lindtner 1981: 197 and 208; Bhaviveka, Dbu ma rtsa ba'i 'grel pa shes rab sgron ma (Beijing: krung go'i bod rig pa dpe skrun khang, 1994-2005), 57: 1274; MA 180.3-4.
Somewhere in Dakpo, may be at Dakla Gampo, we found a root text of Pramanavartika (tshad ma rnam 'grel) some pages of which were also missing.
Miall, * alem dos trabalhos desenvolvidos pelo grupo GREL (citados acima) coordenado por Bertrand Gervais da UQUAM.
Analogous to the classical Boltzmann-Gibbs thermodynamics, Tsallis conjectured a triplet of q-parameters (gstat, gsen, grel) which characterise, respectively, the properties of the resulting meta- or quasi-stationary distribution, generalized exponential sensitivity to initial conditions, and generalized exponential relaxation of macroscopic quantities to thermal equilibrium.
More than 100 officers carried out a series of raids at 13 addresses across London, codenamed Operation Grel.
Takoradi Area: Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority Premises-Takoradi, Forecourt of GN Bank-Mankessim, Kyekyewere, Forecourt of District Assembly- Assin South, Assin Praso, Premises of Assin Presby Clinic, Anfaga School Park- Prestea, Half Assini, Forecourt of Half-Assini Library, Gyabenkrom; Forecourt GREL Production Centre and Forecourt of Breman Ajumako Enyan District Assembly- Ajumako.
We call this the GREL (Gonadal Ridge Epithelial-Like) cell," he added.
Abbreviations of primary texts ApDh Apastamba-dharmasutra BauDh Baudhayana-dharmasutra BKBh Brhatkalpabhasya BKT Brhatkalpa-tika GauDh Gautama-dharmasutra MBh Mahabharata MDh Manava-dharmasastra Nar Narada-smrti Par Parasara-smrti VaDh Vasistha-dharmasutra VavS Vyavahara-sutra VavBh Vyavahara-bhasya Visnu Visnu-smrti VS Vinaya-sutra VSS Vinayasutravrtiy-abhidhana-svavyakhyana = 'Dui ba 'i mdo'i 'grel pa mngon par brjod pa rang gi mam par bshad pa (Derge Vol.