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Input of these applications WordCount Grep Sort Input(GB) 50 50 30 Number of Mappers 200 132 200 Number of Reducers 16 18 15 Table 4.
Now that the upgrade is complete, Grep Tech Pte Ltd will be focusing on venturing deeper into the South East Asian region in the new year with seeking local companies and forging partnerships and a network of distributorship to reach end users while the company focuses on further product development.
For WordCount and TeraSort, the localization rate of the fair and IOAware scheduling algorithms were approximately 1% different, whereas for Grep, the data localization rate of the fair scheduling algorithm was more than that of IOAware.
22 July 2010 - Slovenia's Nova Ljubljanska Banka (NLB) said it participated in the provision of a EUR115m (USD147m) financing to local Grep.
No UNIX, porem, alcancamos de forma mais veloz um melhor resultado com um comando bem mais curto do programa grep, de que trataremos na proxima secao:
For example, the command grep "ACK" ftpSummaryLarge.
These are removed by grep, which filters these out: the caret is a special character that stands for the beginning of a line, whereas the dollar sign signifies the end of the line.
grep (spelled in lower-case letters by purists) is a tool that emerged from the UNIX world during the 1970's.
This session will discuss a general overview and any updates with the GREP program.
Based on our experience, MigraTEC 's product provides the potential for IBM customers to employ the power of 64-bit computing on AIX with less porting effort and greater productivity than conventional techniques like lint, grep or a compiler.
2 interpreter based on the Java version of the C programs cmp, grep, wc, Pi, Sieve, and compress [Hsieh et al.
We modified GNU grep, wc, cat, and the GNU gcc compiler chain (compiler driver, C preprocessor, C compiler, and assembler).