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The company also created a Slovak clone called Grep Slovakia in 2013 by renaming the company Vektor, based in Komaacuterno, southwestern Slovakia.The last company personally linked to Elios is Infralux.
Only the Czech company Eltodo, which has been doing business since 1991, competed with Grep but failed to meet Jelkas criteria.Jelka, for example, wanted the candidates to guarantee at least ten years of aftermarket warranty directly from the lighting manufacturer.
The second contract for euro58,600 was won by Grep in 2014 in Buc.
Buc's Mayor, Jan Karko, was on vacation and could not answer any questions.Four companies connected to Elios, namely E-E LED Lighting, Grep Slovakia, Elios Slovakia and Infralux, are still active and, with the exception of Infralux, they are increasing sales and profits.
Grep is used to learn regular expressions, search jobs, and enter data using regular expressions in a user submitted search expression.
Grep uses complex input pattern matching expressions, so it is a CPU-bound job.
For WordCount and TeraSort, the localization rate of the fair and IOAware scheduling algorithms were approximately 1% different, whereas for Grep, the data localization rate of the fair scheduling algorithm was more than that of IOAware.
When we submit WordCount, Grep, and then TeraSort, the CPU utilization peaks when the TaskTracker performs CPU-bound tasks, whereas when the TaskTracker performs IO-bound tasks, the CPU utilization is relatively low.
It is used similarly to grep/egrep/fgrep and it supports most of the features of the grep family (although it is not 100% compatible), but it supports many additional features (mostly but not all related to approximate matching).