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I fashioned an SS doll to resemble Irma Grese of Auschwitz-- blonde,
Indeed, only five species (Antennaria neglecta [cat's foot], Carex bicknellii [Bicknell's sedge], Carex cephalophora [sedge], Potentilla arguta [prairie cinquefoil] and Solidago rigida [stiff goldenrod]) newly colonized the sample plots after 1991 and occurred with greater than 5% frequency (Grese and Heslinga, unpublished data).
It's also possible that a landscape commission brought the two together, says Robert Grese, current director of the arboretum: "Although outside employment wasn't encouraged by the university, it was fairly common."
Pelkiu vietove Schleipfuhl, kuriai grese pavojus isdziuti, buvo atgaivinta profesionaliai vadovaujant Gamtos apsaugos centrui ir padedant Hellersdorfo gamtos myletojams.
sausio pradzioje uzemus Vilniu, draugijos nariai ir ju seimos kente bolseviku terora, o draugijos turtui grese nacionalizacija.
Mengele and Irma Grese, the sadistic "blond angel" who was the head of the women's camp.
Bob Grese of the University of Michigan's School of Natural Resources and the Environment.
Qwerty; Ax, as, aw, awa, awe, awes, awed; Zax; Was, wase, wases, waw, waws, wax, wed, were, wert; Saw, sawed, sax, saz, sawer, sew, sews, sewed, sewer, sewered, sed, sedes, serf, sere, sered, serer, seres, sese; Ewe, ewer, ewes, es, er, ere, ered, eres, erf, erg, ef, eft; Dew, dews, dewed, desert, dere, deres, dered, derth, def, defer, deft, drew, drere, dreres; Re, rew, rews, res, reses, red, reds, rede, redrew, ref, refs, refed, refer, reft; Few, fewer, fed, feds, frere, freres; Thy, tres, trew, trews; Grew, grews, grewed, grese, greses; Yu, yuk; Huh, hui; Ilk, io; Kikoi, kikuyu, kilo, kilp, ko, koi, kolo, kop; Oil, olio, op; Li, lop: Po, poi, polio, polo, polk, plop, pop
And a similar statement is found at least once in drama circulating in London at the same time as Everyman, when the vice Counterfeit Countenance boasts in Magnyfycence of his ability to distort judgment and reverse values: "Counterfet maters in the lawe of the lande,-- / Wyth golde and grotes they grese my hande, / In stede of ryght that wronge may stande" (431-33).