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GRETGroupe de Recherche et d'Echanges Technologiques (France)
GRETGenerally Recognized Expense Table
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(6) three more words can be found in Web2: AINE, SAIE, GRET. In Web2, AINE has a circumflex over the I and an acute accent over the E; this can be replaced by AINE from the OED, with no accents
Thus a concept involves a method of observation which marks out a domain of application and in which relevant and irrelevant factors are "stored." (7) Clearly, the concepts of "bied," "mork," and "gret" define a domain of entities and structure it in a specific way.
"Mae'n neis gallu cael effaith bositif ar y plant efo FFIT Cymru, ond mae hefyd yn gret bod oedolion eisiau dilyn hefyd.
GRet 11.6 pounds spent search for since 2011
'Wowowin' host Willie Revillame appeared to be happy meeting Davao mayor and presidential daughter Sara Duterte, as seen in a Facebook video uploaded by the late afternoon show's executive producer Adrian Gret yesterday, Aug.
CSut AGes i amser gret, ac o'r argraff dwi wedi ei gael roedd hi'n 'Steddfod lle''r oedd pawb yn gallu ymlacio a bod yn ffrindiau, a dwi'n hapus iawn am hynny.
I've gret at Billy Elliot, bubbled at ET and wept silent tears at the UEFA Cup final.
Bentley, who moved to White Hart Lane from Blackburn in the summer for pounds 15million, does not re- gret the switch to north London and is backing Ramos to turn things around.
"It ws gret to do well this week becuse I'm ttched to Chrt Hills nd hd lods of fmily nd friends here to support me," sid the 23-yer-old from nerby Pembury.
Kingst nding, Oscott, Gret B rr, Perry B rr NEIL ELKES 0121 234 5212
Shoo sed it wer just a pity we din't 'ave a gret big dog, which maht 'ave given us some warnin' an' 'appens put off onny intruders.