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GRETAGRETA Regular Expression Template Archive (Microsoft)
GRETAGeneralized Resource Extraction Tool for Aggregate Data (University of Minnesota)
GRETAGroupement d'Etablissement Publics Locaux d'Enseignement (French: Local Public Education Institutions Group)
GRETAGround Radar Emitter for Training Aviators
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"If the tooth was one of the grave goods in Greta's grave, she could be over 14,000 years old, pushing her back in time to the Palaeolithic or Early Stone Age.
Greta was also among the winners at the star-studded ceremony in London on Tuesday, winning GQ's Game Changer Award.
David, a community centre manager from Burton, said: "I went back to the paper records and found buried in the archive an account of a mammoth tooth that came from the same location after Greta was found.
Speaking after she landed on Wednesday, Greta said the trip was not as uncomfortable as she expected and she did not get seasick.
Greta has blazed a path into a cleaner and better future.
"Solidarity with Greta is not limited to eco-activists."
Greta is embarking on a two-week voyage across the Atlantic on a carbon-neutral racing yacht, the Malizia II, so she can attend high-profile climate events without using planes or cruise ships which emit greenhouse gas emissions.
Finlay gave an address to the Smile for Future meeting attended by about 400 people from 38 countries, including renowned Swedish climate activist Greta.
Greta thanked all members for their support over the year taking minutes, setting up the hall and generally keeping Terregles Rural on the map.
The book tells the world how Greta became who she is today, which might interest many people in view of her fame.
Even as they move forward--sometimes literally, like when they sell their home--the Greenes carry Greta's memory and their pain.
Frances cuts Greta out of her life but the piano teacher stalks the younger woman.